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YoniSmile philosophy Welcome to YoniSmile Awakening

The intention of YoniSmile is to awaken your inner power called “YoniEnergy”. In our modern times the concept of YoniPower is rarely known. In most cultures it got lost throughout history. In English there  isn`t even a word for it. The idea behind YoniSmile is to recognize and playfully stimulate this inner power.

And the way YoniSmile works is quite easy. The idea of self-exploration may be new to you. But consider that your inner self is always there. Even if our senses are focused on the outside world. The inside is the source of your happiness.

Before we get started with the exercises, lets flip through some basic ideas that will explain the concept of YoniSmile.

Many of us are trapped in myths about how love and sex work. But if we don`t get beyond our limiting believes it is hard to open yourself up to a new and more fullfilling experience.

So are you ready?

Then let`s get started with Myth Number 1:

A fulfilling and satfisfying love and sex life begins with Mr. (Mrs*) Right.

The Romeo and Juliet theme rules romantic literature for hundreds of years. But does it make a wrong right?

If you have ever fallen madly in love you may have seen Mr. Right in the first place through the pink glasses of those who fall in love. Everything may have seemed perfect on your first date and even the first night(s) together for most couples seems to be heaven.

But a few weeks later, when things cool down a bit many of us seem to be waking up from a dream. Excitement is lost. And even the most advanced positions do not bring back the ecstasy of the first night again.

What happened to Mr. Right? Nothing! The only thing that has changed is that we got used to a new situation and a new person and our excitement level is back to normal again.

What “normal” means for you depends totally on you and your personal history. We learn our strategies of emotional and physical fulfilment in early childhood:

Did you allow yourself to be loved and share love?  

Did you give yourself permission to accept and explore your body?

Was it ok for you and your family to express yourself, your innermost desires, your wants and needs?

The extend to which you can say “yes” to these questions determines how much satisfaction you can allow yourself to experience in your life.


Your inner set point will automatically atune your love experience.

If we understand that our inner self is the true source of our happiness and satisfaction, we can release a lot of stress. You literally let go. Imagine  it would be easy to have a lover who you can share intimacy and enjoy a satisfactory love and sex life because you decide how exciting your experience is going to be?

Myth Number 2:

Only if  I am really sexy and attractive I got what it takes to have a satisfying love and sex life.

Be assured that this idea is a simple (male) marketing trick. Size doesn`t matter in any way. Many surveys proof that emotional and physical satisfaction has much more to do with inner qualities than the size of your bra.

Myth Number 3:

A satisfying orgasm is the result of the right „technique“

Whatever we feel in our body is produced by our brain/mind system. It is never the body alone that decides what we feel. Neuroscience revealed that our stored experience is much more powerful than the actual event. This also means that our memory can even block new sensations simply because we do not believe they are possible. Orgasm is one of the most basic human experiences. And since it is a vital biological tool of survival for our species, mother nature created a built-in programme around it, that can easily be revived if it is blocked. Again this has to do much more with your inner-self than a specific organ in your body.

Myth Number 4:

Spiritual and religious people have control over their sexual desires and do not need sexual satisfaction.

It is interesting that in the old testament even the saints seemed to have an exciting love life and there is more than one erotic fantasy described there.

In Asian religions we even find spiritual traditions that seem to combine sexual practices and meditation for spiritual development. The Tantra and Kundalini tradition for example.

Many indigenous people would never even consider to seperate spiritual and sexual experience since the texture of both seem to be quite close.

The idea that sexual feelings have to be controlled or even suppressed in order to be a good person is very much linked to a mind shift that occured in  Europe and North America in the 19th century when industrialisation required  a workforce with discipline and control.

Myth Number 5:

I am who I am and I remain who I was no matter what

The way you are today is the result of your past decisions. If today you make new decisions you will definitly change your future. For instance: If you were tought not to ask for something you want and instead wait until some one makes a guess or you are asked, it might be that you will not get what you want because you are not asked.

If today you decide to give yourself permission to ask for what you want, what will happen? You might as well get it! And if not, ask again or ask differently (or some one else). Many kids seem to be endlessly bound to ask for something they want and they are so inventive to ask for more and the more they get the more they seem to ask for.

Now you may ask what has this got to do with my sex life? Well many of us were not tought to ask for satisfaction and thus will never dare to ask their partner for the right things.

If you allow yourself to replace myth Number 5 with the idea that you can change anything you want and become the person you want to be, this would be a powerful revolution in your life.

Yoni Awakening Meditation is an easy way to let go and open yourself up to your Yoni Power within you.

When you set aside some time each day for your inner self-exploration you will be rewarded greatly. It may be a good idea to get started by creating a safe place, where you feel comfortable and secure. Use stereo headphones for a deep and energizing meditation and if so enjoy the magic of your Yoni Energy.

If you feel like sharing this experience with your lover, make sure that you are ready to share and he is sensitive enough to let you be the center of the focus.

Sometimes you may want to be just passive and listen and let your mind meander through the meditation. And sometimes you may want to be more active.

There is a grounding position that is widely reknown as the opening ceremony to let your Yoni Power rush into your body. You may move into that position, listen to the mind sound and support the process by a deep breathing until your body will move into “the zone” vibrating and radiating the Yoni Energy.

Each time you will let go some of the limiting beliefs, your muscles  will open up and relax. A feeling of increased positive self-awareness will align with a deeper body acceptance. When the Yoni Energy awakes you will find it more and more natural to feel different arousal levels. Your vagina will respond to this inner awakening and become ever more beautiful. When meditation, deep breating and soft touch will release the vibrating energy you will be in your yoni power zone. Each time you will explore more aspects of this exciting level of experience and gain deeper insights. All your bodily expressions, your odours, your voice and the sounds you utter will be ok and wonderful. You will enjoy “the Yoni Power zone” and feel safe in your ecstasy. Yes life is wonderful when you allow yourself to be fully satisfied.

*Please excuse the male versions when we refer to “partner”, “mate” or “lover” for easy reading. Please replace according references with your personal preferences, thank you ;-).