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YoniSmile free Starter kit


YoniSmile Awakening Package

This free introductory package contains an original YoniSmile meditation  plus a bonus exercise to awaken your YoniPower.

No purchase or registration necessary!  

Simply click on download link below.

Privacy notice: We do not use tracking codes to follow up on your web-ID after download. We believe in our products and in your privacy!

Upgrade your love life with easy-to-use meditation and relaxation!

This meditiative journey will boost your love life easily and effortlessly. (read more)

Download available for just 9.98

Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied!

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YoniSmile XTC

Share your YoniPower with your loved one. This deep meditation is designed to be shared with your lover for an ultimate love experience!

Available in January 2016 for registered users only!

Terms of Conditions YoniSmile Sound Meditation & Energizing Exercises

Click on image to play demo

Click on image to play demo


With downloading you accept our terms and conditions.

YoniSmile Starter Kit Free Download:


As we received loads of requests to not provide the free starter kit through our ECWID shop system for enhanced privacy, no you can simply use the download link from our webserver ;-).

The audio content is identical but the download does not include the grounding exercise which you may download here.

YoniSmile Energy Bracelet

Boost your YoniPower with the YoniSmile Energy Bracelet. The original Yonismile Hologram empowers your YoniEnergy easily and effortlessly.

Available from June 2016

For just 49,- (plus shipping)

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